About Water-Gen

Water-Gen has begun its operation in the defense market, designing state-of-the-art solutions for water supply. Among these are atmospheric water generation (drinking water-from-air), treatment of air conditioning run-off water, and battery-operated mobile water purification units. The products are designated as ground installations, vehicle-mounted, and man-portable. The company has been selling its products to customers such as the US Army, UK Army, Israel defense Force, French Army, and others.

Atmospheric drinking water generation can also be regarded as air dehumidification. This field includes common home appliances such as laundry dryers, air dehumidifiers, air conditioners, dry storage, etc. In these areas, Water-Gen technologies can decrease energy consumption significantly by using inexpensive (mostly simple plastic), small size, and highly efficient methods and components.


Intellectual Property

Water-Gen Ltd. has several pending patent applications (PCT, US Patent, European Patent and others) for "DEHUMIDIFICATION APPARATUS", “WATER GENERATION UNIT,” and for “SYSTEM AND METHOD OF WATER SUPPLY, PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT,” covering various methods and technologies related to the implementation and operation of Water-Gens technologies.